Saunaboard Colour

colour your sauna

The SAUNABOARD COLOUR is a saunaboard with a cover layer made of coloured veneers - specially developed for uni-coloured walls in the sauna area. In order to achieve excellent results and, of course, for the sake of health, water-based pollutant-free colours are used without exception. Of course, the SAUNABOARD COLOUR is tested according to ÖNORM M6219-1. This colour collection for the sauna interior is available in 8 di e- rent colours and 2 surfaces, plain or embossed (STRUCTURE) available.


2800 x 1250 mm (plain surface and embossed surface – SAUNABOARD STRUCTURE)


Colour Black Colour Black
Colour Blue Colour Blue
Colour green Colour green
Colour pink Colour pink
Colour red Colour red
Colour white Colour white
Colour yellow Colour yellow
Structure black Structure black
Structure grey Structure grey
Structure red Structure red
Structure white Structure white
Colour Black
Colour Blue
Colour green
Colour pink
Colour red
Colour white
Colour yellow
Structure black
Structure grey
Structure red
Structure white

  • Quick Facts
    Thickness: 16 mm (other thicknesses on request) => tested board thickness
  • Quality
    Front side A = visible quality, veneer dyed thoroughly
    Back side blind = blind veneer without quality standard
  • Joining Method
    Sliced veneer joined in solid character
  • Gluing
    D4 the latest generation acc. DIN EN 314 Part 2 Class 3. The gluing quality with regard to water resistance and temperature stability has been tested for sauna suitability under laboratory conditions over a significantly long period.
  • Scope of Application
    High-quality sauna-, infrared-, heat cabin- or wellness centre construction (interior design of the cabins). Can also be used for BIO- or steamer saunas with appropriate afterdrying and ventilation of the facility (max. short-term humidity 60 – 70%). Not suitable for wet rooms and steam chambers (100% humidity). The sauna effect is not affected by the colour - as usual, the boards absorb the moisture and emit it back into the environment. Depending on the intensity of use of the sauna, the colours will change their original colour a bit – this results from the base veneer of the SAUNABOARD COLOUR. UV radiation (windows, doors, glass fronts) can also cause the colours to lighten.
  • Colour
    The mordant dyes used are alizarin dyes. One advantage of these dyes is, that they are free of halogens and amines, and therefore are neither carcinogenic nor harmful to health. The mordant dyes used are preferably oil-free and, with the exception of water, have no inorganic constituents, such as chromium, nickel, silicon or other heavy metals. Consequently the use of questionable solvents is not required! These mordant dyes are used safely for dyeing fabrics such as silk, wool, cellulose fibers and other protein fibers in the garment industry. Accordingly all coloured veneers of our collection are considered harmless under environmental or health aspects!
  • Inner Layer
    Plywood structure (peeled veneer) made from European aspen or alder (no exotic wood!)
  • Top Layer
    Coloured sliced veneer top layers standard approx. 0.6mm and 0.9 mm. The veneers are impregnated with pollutant-free mordant dyes and dried gently. As a result, the colour continuously infiltrates the veneer and does not stay on the surface only. The basis veneers are very light coloured wood types without colour variations or inclusions. The standard program o ers 8 colour variants.
  • Standard Program/ made to order - programm
    STANDARD PROGRAM: White, black, grey
    MADE TO ORDER - PROGRAM: Also available in yellow, green, blue, red, pink on request (deviating delivery time)
  • Warranty
    Outstanding quality requires outstanding service. For this reason we give a 10 year warranty on the gluing on our SAUNABOARDS for the private sector and a warranty of 12,000 hours of operation for commercial or public saunas with corresponding registration (see Warranty Statement).


  1. Many design options (large and small panels)
  2. 8 different colour variants – well covering, strong colours
  3. Available with plain or embossed surface (SAUNABOARD Colour STRUCTURE)
  4. No emissive pollutants in the gluing according to the test certificate ÖNORM 6219-1
  5. No exotic wood - resource-saving core board
  6. Large, waste-optimized formats
  7. Guarantee - our additional service