Saunaboard Dukta®

design your sauna with acoustic panels


Due to its plasticity and transparency, the “SAUNABOARD DUKTA®” o ers many optical as well as acoustic bene ts. Particularly in large hotel saunas, public or commercial saunas, the boards are distinguished by their sound-absorbing e ect. With these boards the surface proportion of the wood is also increased (through milling). This also has a very positive e ect on the sauna climate. (e. g. with many glass surfaces) By means of the special in-cutting process one achieves a high degree of exibility of the boards. (e. g. arched, curved wall- and ceiling elements – available in many wood types!)


2500 x 1250 mm
useful area: 2350x1200 mm


  • Quick Facts
    Thickness: 16 mm (other thickness on request)
  • Quality
    Front side A = visual quality
    Back side Blind = blind veneer without quality standard
  • Joining Method
    Sliced veneer top layer joined in solid character
  • Gluing
    D4 the latest generation according to DIN EN 314 Part 2 Class 3. The gluing quality with regard to water resistance and temperature stability has been tested for sauna suitability under laboratory conditions over a signi cantly long period.
  • Scope of Application
    High-quality sauna-, infrared- and heat cabins or wellness facility construction (interior design of the cabins). Wave-shaped, curved, rounded ceiling- and wall elements; backlit walls; back rests, head supports, bench paneling, privacy screen, indirect lighting. Can also be used for BIO- or evaporator saunas with appropriate final drying and ventilation of the system (short-term max. 60 – 70% humidity). Not suitable for wet cells and steam chambers (100% humidity).
  • Inner Layer
    Plywood structure (peeled veneer) made from European alder (no exotic wood!)
  • Top Layer
    Sliced veneer top layers standard approx. 0.6mm (hard wood), 0.8mm (soft wood). Other veneer thicknesses on request. Very many types of wood available.
  • Types of wood
    Oak, hemlock, aspen, American walnut; other types of wood on request.
  • Guarantee
    Outstanding quality requires outstanding service. We therefore give a 10 year guarantee on the gluing on our sauna boards for the private sector and a 12,000 operating hours guarantee for commercial or public saunas with appropriate registration.
  • Processing
    To fix the sauna boards we recommend a combination of gluing and screwing of the board elements (panels). Due to the variety of sauna constructions, with a different method of fixing we advise the construction worker to check this beforehand and continue processing accordingly. For soft woods, thick veneering as well as old woods, we recommend brushing the boards before installation, to prevent subsequent shaling and splintering of these woods.


  1. very appealing look - many design options; round benches, curved ceilings
  2. acoustics – in large saunas, due to the high absorption values one achieves an optimum spatial experience with fascinating look, curved or wavy – “SAUNABOARD DUKTA®” achieves the highest absorption values!
  3. also available as nished ceiling, wall elements or nished part on request!
  4. no emitting pollutants in the gluing according to test certi cate ÖNORM 6219-1
  5. Inner layer made from compact alder wood; consequently high screw retention for optimum xing » no exotic wood – conserving resources (carrier board)
  6. Guarantee – our extra service