Saunaboard Organoid

nature for all senses


Fragrance, Look and Feel are the essential features of the SAUNABOARD Organoid®. Bring nature into the sauna, e.g. with “Alpine pasture hay” – and that free of allergens, with or without blossom content, fixed with pollutant-free bonding agent, glued to sauna boards, tested according the strict ÖNORM 6219-1, this board emits no formaldehyde (apart from the natural contents of the wood).


2800 x 1250 mm
2500 x 1250 mm

Wildspitze Wanillä Wildspitze Wanillä
Wildspitze Roasa Wildspitze Roasa
Wildspitze Margaritta Wildspitze Margaritta
Wildspitze Kornbluama Wildspitze Kornbluama
Wildspitze Lawendl Wildspitze Lawendl
Wildspitze pur Wildspitze pur
Wildspitze Wanillä
Wildspitze Roasa
Wildspitze Margaritta
Wildspitze Kornbluama
Wildspitze Lawendl
Wildspitze pur

  • Quick Facts
    Thickness: 16 mm (other thickness on request) approved board thickness
  • Quality
    N/Blind Front side N = natural sorting grade, visual quality
    Back side Blind = blind veneer without quality standard
  • Gluing Carrier Board
    D4 the latest generation according to DIN EN 314 Part 2 Class 3. The gluing quality with regard to water resistance and temperature stability has been tested for sauna suitability under laboratory conditions over a significantly long period.
  • Scope of Application
    High-quality sauna-, infrared- and heat cabins or wellness facility construction (interior design of the cabins). We recommend the use only in the Finnish sauna area due to the low humidity. Can also be used as external cladding of the sauna or in the relaxation- and wellness area with normal humidity (40-55%). Not suitable for wet cells, steam chambers and saunas with evaporator (100% humidity). (possible formation of mold!) Do not use near ovens! (brown- or black coloration of the hay or the plants is possible!)
  • Fragrance/Look/Feel
    Fragrance experience for a certain time! A great e ect of this board! Depending on the number of running hours of the sauna, the fragrance will become weaker and weaker, we therefore recommend to install the boards in such a way, so that they can be replaced.

    Just like everything natural in life, depending on the hours of operation and possible UV radiation, the look will change a little with time (darker or lighter, according to plant) – that is nature pure and simple!

    The feel will remain even after years!
  • Inner Layer
    Plywood structure (peeled veneer) made from European aspen (no exotic wood!)
  • Top Layer
    Hay-, blossom-, and stalk parts pressed with pollutant-free, humidity- and heat resistant bonding agents, available in many variants in the standard program. Or also available as design variant with special partial flocking on the sauna board structure. (on request!)
  • Processing
    Hay or blossoms are of course not as resistant to abrasion as wood, therefore please handle with care! Despite the bonding agent it can happen that small crumble away. To fix the sauna boards we recommend a combination of gluing and screwing of the board elements (panels). Due to the variety of sauna constructions, with a different method of fixing we advise the construction worker to check this beforehand and continue processing accordingly.
  • Additional Information
    In the middle of August we use the warm and dry days to harvest this year‘s hay from our meadow. The meadow, which can be mown only once a year, is located at 1.700m above sea level near the Wildspitze, the highest mountain in Tyrol and can only be reached on foot. Using elaborate handwork with scythe and rake the starting material for the deck WILDSPITZE is won, which takes two days of good weather and plenty of sun to dry well. In the valley, the hay is cleaned and cut before it is then pressed into the end product in several layers and according to the exact formulation, while adhering to strict quality guidelines. On sauna walls or simply for decoration purposes - there are no limits to the possibilities of application. Saunaboards glued together with ORGANOID decks are tested and suitable for use in the Finnish sauna and comply with the Austrian sauna standard (ÖNORM6219-1). The great thing about it: the ORGANOID WILDSPITZE deck with its natural scent appeals to the senses and takes us on a journey to the magnificent alpine world.


  1. many design options due to the great look (nature sauna)
  2. brings unique fragrances into the sauna
  3. possible combinations with timbers, with stone, with printed glass, etc.
  4. no emitting pollutants in the gluing according to test certi cate ÖNORM 6219-1
  5. Inner layer made from compact aspen wood (sauna wood); consequently high screw retention for optimum fixing
  6. no exotic wood – conserving resources (carrier board)