Saunaboard Plus

the hottest board in the sauna sector

The SAUNABOARD PLUS is manufactured with a stronger top layer (sliced veneer thickness 1.5mm) than the SAUNABOARD. Especially for chamfered, rounded edges and for the sauna builder who wants to stand out greatly from the norm.


2800 x 2050 x 17 mm
2800 x 1250 x 17 mm
2500 x 1250 x 17 mm
sliced veneer top layers approx. 1.5mm
horizontal format unpolished and on request

maple maple
oak thermo oak thermo
oak thermo

  • Quick Facts
    Pallet size: 36 units
    Purchase quantity: Can be produced from 1 unit up
    Thickness: 16 mm (other thicknesses on request) -> tested board thickness
  • Quality
    Front side A = visible quality
    Back side blind = blind veneer without quality standard
  • Joining Method
    Sliced veneer top layers (1.5mm) joined in solid character
  • Gluing
    D4 the latest generation acc. DIN EN 314 Part 2 Class 3. The gluing quality with regard to water resistance and temperature stability has been tested for sauna suitability under laboratory conditions over a significantly long period. NOTE: These top layers are not tested according to ÖNORM 6219-1. Solid wood or thicker layers of veneer emit more formaldehyde (limit value max. 0.4 mg formaldehyde at 90°C) due to the natural constituents of the wood. Therefore the Saunaboard Plus may not be used in Austria for the public sector (public sauna facilities, hotels, etc.)!
  • Scope of Application
    High-quality sauna-, infrared-, heat cabin- or wellness centre construction (interior design of the cabins). Can also be used for BIO- or steamer saunas with appropriate afterdrying and ventilation of the facility (max. short-term humidity 60 – 70%). Not suitable for wet rooms and steam chambers (100% humidity).
  • Inner Layer
    Plywood structure (peeled veneer) made from European aspen or alder (no exotic wood!). FSC® as well as PEFC™ certified veneers can be provided on request. The colour of the inner layer is matched to the top layer (aspen or alder).
  • Top Layer
    Sliced veneer top layers approx. 1.5mm (sliced). The Saunaboard from J. Grabner sets new standards in design.
  • Processing
    Due to the thicker layers of veneer the surface may be more prone to cracking than with veneer top layers of normal thickness (0.6mm).


  1. many design options (large and small panels)
  2. no emitting pollutants in the gluing
  3. inner layer made from compact aspen or alder wood (sauna wood); as a result high screw retention for optimal fixing
  4. no exotic wood – conserving resources (carrier board)
  5. inner layer colour matched to top veneer layer (light wood → light inner layer = Aspen; dark wood → dark inner layer = Alder)
  6. FSC® or PEFC™ certified on request
  7. large formats (optimisation; less waste than small formats)
  8. pallet size: 36 units
  9. horizontal format 2050 x 2800 mm also possible!